Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will my steel roof be noisy?

There are a number of factors and advancements that make your Metal Line Roofing Products roof quieter than conventional steel roofs. When we install our unique steel shakes they lock together and we install them directly to your old roof. As a result the shakes can not flex or vibrate. This helps to prevent the direct transfer of sound into the house. In addition, because the existing roofing material isn’t removed, the old roofing acts as sound insulation. In most situations, you will only hear noise from your roof when you are outside during a moderate to heavy rain. The water running through the eaves trough is often louder than the sound of the rain on the roof.

2) How will my new steel roof react to rain or snow?

An asphalt shingle has a rough and abrasive texture (similar to 60 grit sandpaper) creating lots of surface area for rain and snow to cling to. As a result an asphalt shingle will hold water until it trickles off or evaporates. As well an asphalt shingle will hold snow until it melts or blows off.

A steel roof sheds water and snow. The Metal Line roof uses galvanized steel which has a stylish and durable GDM finish (Brochure PDF). GDM is a material which has water resistant properties. Our Metal Line shake is manufactured with horizontal ridges which will slow the descent of rain and snow when compared to other steel roofing products.

3) I’ve noticed the colour on other steel roofs fading. What will prevent this from happening to my roof?

The GDM finish (Brochure PDF) on a Metal Line Roofing Products roof is a colourfast product which has been designed for roofing applications. It has a lifetime fade factor of only 3 to 5 percent. Other painted products which are not designed for roofing applications will fade as much as 50 percent in a shorter time. The sun is getting more intense every year; so which would you rather have protecting your home? A steel product that offers no UV protection or steel with a GDM finish (Brochure PDF) which is specifically designed for roofing.

There are many environmental factors beside the sun that can affect a roof. When a Metal Line roof is installed it will appear shiny. A year or so later the roof seems to have lost that initial shine and people think that this is a result of fading. The truth is that the finish hasn’t faded at all. Dirt and dust particles in the air have settled on the roof and obscured the shiny finish. On a shingle roof you likely wouldn’t notice the dirt and dust.

4) Will a steel roof make my home hotter in the summer?

Asphalt shingles absorb UV radiation and radiate this energy into your house as heat for many hours after the sun has gone down. Steel has a wonderful quality when it comes to the issue of heat: steel reflects UV radiation.

The reflective value of the steel and GDM finish (Brochure PDF) reduces the amount of heat being transferred into the home. As well, the new steel roof shades the asphalt shingles from the sun. After the steel roof is installed the old roofing shingles no longer absorb the sun’s radiation; the shingles now become an extra layer of insulation from the sun’s heat.

5) What about care and maintenance of my steel roof?

Your Metal Line roof is maintenance free. Just sit back and enjoy!

6) Why is a Metal Line Roofing Products roof a better roof?

One of the best features of owning a Metal Line roof is the peace of mind you have knowing that you have a roof that is of the highest quality. We use only 28 gauge double galvanized steel which has a flexible and durable GDM finish (Brochure PDF). You can be assured that your Metal Line roof will be the last roof your home will need.

A Metal Line Roofing Products roof is backed by a 50 year transferable warranty which covers both materials and installation. All our installers are rigorously and professionally trained resulting in the best installations in the industry. Our installers are paid by the hour. This ensures that our installers will take the time needed to properly install your steel roof.

7) Will a steel roof add value to my home?

For most people their home is the single largest investment they will ever make. Your Metal Line roof adds lasting value. Steel roofs are beautiful and durable. You also have a roof that aids in the cooling of your home in summer.

From the moment asphalt shingles are installed the shingles start to deteriorate. This deterioration continues and then accelerates over the short life span of an asphalt shingle. On the other hand, a Metal Line steel shake does not deteriorate.

Because the cost of steel and the cost to install a steel roof are constantly increasing, the value of a steel roof will constantly increase. A house’s roof is a key feature when potential buyers are looking for a new home. If you decide to sell your home and it has a Metal Line Roofing Products roof, you will be selling the same peace of mind that you have enjoyed. Knowing that you have a 50 year warranty that stays with the home - not the owner - is a wonderful selling feature.


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